Getting Started

Taska Tulip is your child's home away from home - an educational environment with a holistic experience. Let us help you simplify the choice.

School Calendar

Our school year begins in January. However, parents can enrol their child any time because we follow the Montessori method where assessment is based on individual performance.

Location Map

Taska Tulip is strategically located in Bangsar which has easy access to the neighbouring areas. Travelling from home to school will be stress and hassle free for all.



Children up to the age of 2.5 years usually begin in this environment. Fun is the main focus in this age group. The children are assisted in developing and refining their motor skills whilst engaging in play with their friends and teachers.

Pre Montessori

An indirect approach to learning is key here. Children pick up a wide vocabulary without realising they have done so. Activities are play based and so they thoroughly enjoy it. Ultimately achieving concentration, coordination, independence and a sense of order.

Montessori #1

As they continue to develop physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally, the children are assisted with their writing and pre-reading skills. The aspect of association of numbers to quantities is also introduced to them in a "fun" way.

Montessori #2

As the children get ready to begin formal schooling, they will learn to refine their reading and writing skills. It is important that they have self-confidence when they leave Taska Tulip and we are committed to equipping them for the next stage of learning.