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Chester Denai Alam Sdn Bhd, a fusion development roof from two different entities, as one is the flagship of real estate property agency whereby another one is the experienced Developer, respectively from Dato’ Howard Chew and Mr Tay Keong Kok.

The formation embarks and executes a great vision, that is to lead Estate Development to another satisfactory extend. As from beginning of purchase service, through well-complimented and recognition from public for more than 14-years in estate agency form; until to deliverable quality of premises, through consolidated experiences via numbers of completed projects in the Developer form. 

Chester Denai Alam Sdn Bhd embraced the new challenge in delivering affordable yet luxury property to our purchasers, in order to build trustworthy and reputable name amidst into Top Developer of Denai Alam.

Image by Justin Main


Image by Ryan Ancill


To be international and stakeholders recognized innovative developer creating & building quality yet affordable home to our customers.

Deliver an excellent purchasing experience to our customers by placing customer’s right at the heart of our corporation and instil the culture of innovation, quality & integrity.

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